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USA and Béisbol – Se Habla Español

From The Press Box

Amaury Pi-González

The most recent US Census (2020) list Hispanics/Latinos as the largest minority in the United States. Around 18.7% of the US total population speaks Spanish, that is 62.1 million people, which makes the US  the second largest country in the world with Spanish speaking people. México is #Uno and then the US #Dos. As a matter of fact the US have more people that speak Spanish than, Argentina and Colombia (two Latin American countries) each with just over 40 million Spanish speakers.

The US also “Habla Béisbol” when it comes to the boys of summer. Among all 30 Major League teams at least 32% of all players are Hispanics/Latinos, which comprises the largest minority. Among all 50 States, California leads the way as of 2020, census, with approximately  16 million Hispanic/Latinos in California. Many will argue that because of “documentation reasons” (not full disclosure) the State of California might have close to 20 million or more people that speak Spanish, which would be around half of the population of the Golden State.

As far as Spanish speaking Béisbol fans, according to, over 20% of MLB fans in the United States are Hispanic/Latino. Total breakdown of the Ethnicity of MLB fans: 53% white, 29% Hispanic/Latinos, 17% African-Americans and 5% other. Our two MLB teams here in the Bay Area, according to, the Oakland A’s fans are: 53% White, 25% Hispanic/Latinos, 17% African-American and 5% Other. The San Francisco Giants, 54% White, 25% Hispanic/Latino, 16% African-American and 5% Other. The other three teams in Southern California lead the way when it comes to Hispanic Latino fans. The Los Angeles Dodgers 51% White, 29% Hispanic/Latinos, 16% African-American and 4% Other. The Los Angeles Angels, 49% White, 29% Hispanic/Latinos, 19% African-American and 5% Other and the San Diego Padres, 56% White, 26% Hispanic/Latino, 14% African-American and 4% Other.

Hispanic Latino buying power: Hispanic buying power also has grown substantially over the last 30 years, from $213 billion in 1990 to $1.9 trillion in 2020. Hispanic buying power accounted for 11.1% of U.S. buying power in 2020, up from only 5% in 1990. The Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia’s business school list the total buying powers of the US Hispanic population at $1.539 trillion in 2018 and adding more than $500 billion since 2010 and is expected to grow nearly $400 billion more by 2023.

31 of the top 100 MLB players are Latino, which needs to be embraced, not  just celebrated

At this time, after the CBA was ratified yesterday, dozens of Hispanic/Latino players are leaving their homes for Spring Training, not only here in the US, but also from many Latin American countries were béisbol is king. heading to their camps in Arizona and Florida.

Saludos y hasta la próxima.

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