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By Ismael Nunez

The Baseball group on Facebook “Baseball: Nostalgia and Now” posted “Each MLB Team’s Most All -Time Beloved Player” from each Baseball Franchise.

Here’s the thing only two Latin Americans were picked: Roberto Clemente for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Miguel Cabrera for the Florida Marlins.

Yet there other teams were Latin Americans have made their mark, and most likely could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been the most popular. Lets take the Boston Red Sox. Ted Williams was named the most beloved. Yet you have Hall of Famers Pedro Martinez, and David Ortiz make their mark in the city. Don’t forget to add Manny Ramirez to that list. Also, don’t forget to add Carl Yastrzemski, who had a better relationship with the fans and the press. 

The Toronto Blue Jays Roy Halladay was chosen as most popular: Yet one must ask why Carlos Delgado, Roberto Alomar, and Tony Fernandez, who made their marks, why they weren’t chosen. To add, why not Joe Carter?


Blue Jays do the right thing honouring Tony Fernandez this season
Tony Fernandez

New York Yankees Mickey Mantle was chosen most beloved. Hmm, over fellow Hall of Famers Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, and Derek Jeter. Mariano Rivera also comes into mind, after all he was named unanimously into the Hall of Fame. The Seattle Mariners picked Ken Griffey JR, yet Edgar Martinez would’ve been a good choice. Alex Rodriguez if he would’ve stayed in Seattle also would’ve been a fine pick.

The Minnesota Twins’ Harmon Killerbrew was chosen all time beloved player: however, Tony Oliva and Rod Carew were both one of a kind. The St Louis Cardinals’ Stan Musial was chosen, yet just like AROD in Seattle, if Albert Pujois would’ve stayed he’d most likely have been named number one. The Cinncinatti Reds Johnny Bench was a good choice, yet Tony Perez and Davey Concepcion(who belongs in the Hall of Fame) could be added. The Montreal Expos, no longer around, had Vladimir Guerrero take the honor of their most beloved. Now in Washington, where the Nationals, play Max Scherzer was chosen, yet Juan Soto is making his mark there. Give Soto some time, he most likely will be most beloved!

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