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Law Enforcement Park Ranger Salary Guide | Average Pay and Benefits

Exploring Law Park Salary

Being a law park is not just a job, it`s a calling. The to protect and preserve our resources while laws and within parks and public lands is both and rewarding. If considering a in this field, one aspect to is the salary. Let`s into the of law park salary and what this profession has to offer.

Median Salary for Law Enforcement Park Rangers

According to U.S. Bureau of Statistics, median wage for and law park was $61,310 as of May 2020. Figure may based on such as location, and the agency or that the ranger.

Salary by State

Here`s breakdown of median wage for law park in few states:

State Median Salary
California $77,380
Colorado $67,710
Alaska $63,850
Arizona $58,600

Salary by Employer

The for law park can also based on the of employer. For the median wage for for the government was $64,140, while employed in government earned $57,080. Government park had a median wage of $54,210.

Case Study: The Impact of Experience

Let`s take a at the salary for a law park based on of experience:

Years of Experience Median Salary
Less than 1 year $45,000
1-4 years $50,000
5-9 years $60,000
10-19 years $70,000
20+ years $80,000

As you can see, the salary for law enforcement park rangers can vary widely based on location, employer, and experience. However, the to work in natural while and the makes this choice fulfilling. If have a for the and a to the law, a as a law park could be an fit.


Unveiling the of Law Park Salary

Question Answer
1. What is the salary of a law park? Oh, the thrill of the chase! The average salary of a law enforcement park ranger is around $60,000 per year. Not too for our natural resources!
2. Do law park receive additional benefits? Why, yes indeed! In addition to their salary, park rangers often receive benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacation time. A something for their to our parks safe and sound.
3. Are there any opportunities for overtime pay in this line of work? Oh, you bet! Park may have the to earn pay for beyond their hours. When duty calls, these guardians of the great outdoors are ready to answer!
4. Do law park have for advancement? Absolutely! With and training, park can the and take on positions with responsibilities and, of course, pay. The the limit!
5. Are there qualifications or required to become a law park? Yes, indeed! Park need a degree in a field, as resource or justice. They must training in and pass a examination. It takes and to our parks!
6. Is the salary for law enforcement park rangers influenced by the location of their employment? You got it! The salary of park rangers may vary based on the cost of living in different regions. Who work in may receive compensation to living expenses. After all, these heroes deserve to live comfortably!
7. Can law park receive bonuses or for performance? Indeed they can! Performance may be with or incentives, the and of these individuals. It`s a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done!
8. Are there challenges or associated with the of law park? Absolutely, there! Park face a of and risks, exposure to encounters with and the for with violators. Their bravery knows no bounds!
9. Do law park have for training or development? You bet! Park may access to training to their enforcement skills, as well as for development to their expertise. The of never ends!
10. How the salary of law park to other law professions? The salary of park may compared to other law but their role in our sets them apart. Their and make them an asset to our society!


Law Park Salary Contract

This contract is entered into on [Date], by and between [Name of Park Ranger], hereinafter referred to as “Employee”, and [Name of Law Enforcement Agency], hereinafter referred to as “Employer”.

1. Salary and Benefits

Employee shall receive a salary of [Salary Amount] per annum, payable in bi-weekly installments. Employee also be to benefits including but not to insurance, plan, and vacation days.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

Employee be for enforcement within the park area, enforcing regulations, the grounds, and visitors. Employee also be to in training and development as by the Employer.

3. Termination and Severance

Either may this with a period of [Notice Period] days. In the of termination, Employee be to pay to [Severance Amount] for each year of with the Employer.

4. Governing Law

This shall be by the of the of [State] and disputes under this shall through in with the of [Arbitration Organization].

5. Entire Agreement

This the agreement between the with to the hereof and all and agreements, whether or oral.

6. Execution

This may in each of which shall an original, but all which one and the instrument.

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